13th - 31st October 2016

6pm - 11pm

Norfolk's Biggest Scare Experience!

Our Attractions

5 Frightening Attractions

CarnEVIL of Terrors

Mayhem Manor Hotel

Zone 64 East

Forest of Fear

The Dark


We have compiled some answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Please make sure you have read these before deciding to contact us.


The attractions within PrimEVIL are very intricate as well as scary, with live actors, special effects, strobe lighting etc.

All tickets are non-refundable, please decide if you are fit to use any of the attractions before you purchase any tickets.

Please remember this event is mostly outdoors, with queuing and exposure to the elements, please only attend if you think you are fit enough.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Most PrimEVIL attractions are not recommended to under 12’s. Please ask for details.

Wheelchair Access

Most of our attractions are wheelchair accessible, however, some of our attractions are on an incline so extreme care should be taken. ‘The Dark’ and ‘CarnEVIL of terrors’ Cannot be accessed by wheelchair users.

Medical Conditions

Expectant Ladies

All attractions can get hectic with movement, jumps, uneven flooring, and scares. They are NOT recommended for pregnant ladies.

Heart Condition

If you have any concerns with a heart condition, then it would be advised not to attend any of the attractions.


Please ensure you are fit to attend, and are prepared for long periods of waiting.

Under Medical Treatment

Please remember this event is mostly outdoors, with queuing and exposure to the elements, please only attend if you think you are fit enough.


October 2016


Three weeks to go!

September 22, 2016

Only three weeks to go, and Skullmore’s got a GUT feeling that PrimEVIL will be terrific this year!

Do I need to book tickets, you may wonder? 
My little chums are dying to eat you, I mean meet you.. and spaces for our spine-chilling scare attraction are selling fast. Subject to availability, we will have a limited number of tickets available at the door, but this might be a risky business for you… Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. After all, screaming won’t help!

Are the experiences the same every night?
The eeriness of PrimEVIL is equally dreadful every night.. it would be such a shame for Skullmore to let you miss out on a scare, don’t you think..? Oh no, my sweet skulls and (not so) spiritless skeletons won’t be going anywhere any time soon.. and there will be screams my friends! Demands for demons and darkness are high, and to make sure we accommodate everyone at our screaming standards, Skullmore decided to slightly slash the prices and encourage visitors on less busy days.

Will I survive PrimEVIL?
Yes, my dear… You might even appreciate life a little more after.

In case of an emergency, our experienced medical team is always there to help…




September 15, 2016

ONE MONTH until we open the gates to PrimEVIL and the ghostly and gruesome is a pleasant reality for us all… Not long my friends, indeed. FOUR WEEKS for Skullmore and his little chums to put their ghastly skulls together and prepare for our most terrific time of the year, when fearful folks come to visit.

Oh what joy it brings to Skullmore’s deadly creatures and corpses that (used to) live at PrimEVIL to think of all the sweet souls that will enter our doors to experience our grisly gesture… Yes, you didn’t doubt that Skullmore will take good (s)care of our guests did you..?



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