Frequenty Asked Questions

  • The Experience

  • What age visitor is PrimEVIL suitable for?

    The event is aimed at adults and those aged 12+.

    PrimEvil Extreme is for 18+ only.

    If you are looking for a Halloween attraction suitable for children, we recommend you visit the daytime Halloween activities at the Dinosaur Adventure Park.

  • Do the attractions still run if it rains?

    Yes. Four of the attractions are indoors albeit the queuing areas are outdoors. Forest of Fear is an outdoor attraction set in natural woodland.

  • Are the attractions scary?

    Yes … it’s PrimEVIL. Screaming won’t help !!!! Enjoy …

  • Are there live actors?

    Yes. All the attractions involve live actors, many of whom are considered to be extremely scary.

  • Food & Drink

  • Do you have food available?

    There is a BBQ and an inside Bar, Dippy’s Café, Ice Age Treats and Nautilus all serving hot and cold light snacks and refreshments.

  • Do you serve alcohol?

    Yes. Only alcohol purchased at the park is permitted.

  • Facilities

  • Do you have a disabled toilet?

    Yes. We have disabled toilet facilities located around the park.

  • Are dogs allowed to attend PrimEVIL?

    No – even trained guide dogs may be stressed by the nature of the event. Please enquire further.

  • Will we get wet queuing if it is raining?

    We will be providing some cover over the Haunt queues, however there will be uncovered areas and walk ways where you may be exposed to the elements. As we usually expect rain in October please wear clothing to suit the weather on the evening.

  • Do we need to prepare for the site to be muddy?

    PrimEVIL has hard walkways and we have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that the surfaces are suitable for all weathers. That said some are in natural woodland so be prepared and wear suitable footwear.

  • Will we get cold?

    We suggest you prepare for the changeable autumnal weather and bring suitable warm clothing.


The attractions within PrimEVIL are very intricate as well as scary, with live actors, special effects, strobe lighting etc.

All tickets are non-refundable, please decide if you are fit to use any of the attractions before you purchase any tickets.

Please remember this event is mostly outdoors, with queuing and exposure to the elements, please only attend if you think you are fit enough.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Most PrimEVIL attractions are not recommended to under 12’s. Please ask for details.

Wheelchair Access

Most of our attractions are wheelchair accessible, however, some of our attractions are on an incline so extreme care should be taken. ‘The Crypt’ and ‘CarnEVIL of Terrors’ Cannot be accessed by wheelchair users.

PrimEvil Extreme

PrimEvil Extreme is on Friday 2nd November and Saturday 3rd November, it is strictly for people over the age of 18 only (Photographic Identification may be required).  There will be a firework display each evening and all 5 of our Halloween Haunts will be given a slight horror upgrade.


Medical Conditions

Expectant Ladies

All attractions can get hectic with movement, jumps, uneven flooring, and scares. They are NOT recommended for pregnant ladies.

Heart Condition

If you have any concerns with a heart condition, then it would be advised not to attend any of the attractions.


Please ensure you are fit to attend.

Under Medical Treatment

Please remember this event is mostly outdoors, with queuing and exposure to the elements, please only attend if you think you are fit enough.