Wednesday 11 October 2017

With just 24 hours until the padlocks are cut and the doors unlocked to release the ghouls and monsters into Dinosaur Adventure, I Skullmore am pondering on which outfit to wear to greet you all at Primevil 2017.

With two new attractions, The Crypt filled with demons and the darkest apparitions I could find and Infected swarming with zombies who haven’t been fed for a while where do I want to play?

I also have my friend Pepe the Clown, you may have seen him on the posters around the county, he is looking for somewhere to call home but be warned he is partial to following people so check the backseat and under the bed.


We all look forward to welcoming you to our premier Halloween event, if you haven’t got a ticket yet why not come on Thursday 12th and get a free drink? – you are going to need it!


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