10th year of fear!

Thursday 9 May 2019

I do hope that life is treating you all well, it is I Skullmore, Lord of the lost and found and friend to the fiends. PrimEvil is 10 years old this year and to celebrate we have released and Early bird offer on VIP tickets at the reduced rate of £35.00 – its mainly because I am so nice, this offer won’t last long though. PrimEvil 2019 is already promising to have 5 terrifying haunts, all may be familiar to our returning guests, however do not be fooled, two have been relocated, providing new twists and turns, those pesky clowns have set up a new Circus of Terrors and are already causing mischief, some of the items I have seen going in there are enough to make you wonder without adding the flesh hungry cannibal clowns rampaging on top!

Mayhem Manor has had a face lift, some of the areas that were previously under construction have now been opened and finished, they are currently decorating ready for a fresh batch of guests, to come and stay the night. I haven’t dared to venture into the Crypt, The Forest of Fear or Arachnophobia yet………watch this space.

PrimEvil runs for 17 nights, with live music every night, Extreme is also back for three nights in November, promising some more surprises!

Until next time, remember to book your tickets now, don’t make us send in the clowns!

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