Monday 2 July 2018

Skullmore never breaks his promises so here I am again to announce that it is only 4 Months to go before PrimEvil is unleashed onto the unsuspecting victims, I mean visitors, who are coming to be scared out of their skins.

Last month I promised you more information about my other Haunts waiting for you.

The Crypt – Repent your sins. Last year the doors to the Tomb were opened for the first time in years, but they let out more than they let in. In the past year the Nuns have returned to St Cuthbert’s on the Hill and are taking back their religious order. The once empty corridors now have the sounds of footsteps, and the whispers of the lost children and prayers, tread quietly and be ready to repent your sins.

Arachnophobia. The infection has run through the human buy valium online 10 mg germany race and although a cure was found, the infection had an interesting effect on the spiders of the area. The Spiders have mutated and grown to an unnatural size, they also like to bite. Can you get through the infected maze and reach safety without becoming part of the twisted web?

Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight! The Hotel has had an upgrade with some new building work taking place, this hasn’t changed the fact that the guests keep disappearing. Check in to your room and pray that you make it through the night.

My early Bird offering for you this month is 25% off the All Haunts tickets, this may be the last time I offer a discount of these tickets so make sure you grab them whilst you can.

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