Circus of Terror – Freaked Out!

Relocated for 2019

The Clowns have again been kicked out of their funhouse due to the damage and their increasingly bad behaviour, but this time they have created something new and unique in a new location.

They promise to entertain you with surprise rooms, obstacles, corridors and non-stop twists and turns these crazy cannibal clowns are ready to welcome you to their new “Circus of Terrors” where the laughter turns into screams and the never ending corridors will leave you wondering if you will ever get out or if you will become part of the frenzied family!



Forest of Fear – Fresh Meat

The Hillbillies have taken root deep in the forest, their population has grown in numbers and the need for more fresh meat has escalated.  With the Forest turned on its head, the hillbilly family under the leadership of Pa is looking for game to hunt and the prey is you!  Make sure your group keep moving or Billy Boy will sniff you out and come looking for some new playthings.

With the whole hillbilly family involved, will you make it through their twisted village or will you become part of the family?

Street Performers

The ones that don’t belong anywhere, rejected, dismissed and too manic for containment, the Primevil Street Crew are misfits of epic proportions.

Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight!

The Hotel is under new Management, trapped in time, the inhabitants of the Hotel don’t realise they are no longer with the living and their tortured souls continue to walk the corridors and reside in the rooms, with the confusion of who is living and who is dead, the renovations have only got so far resulting in mazes within mazes, endless corridors and a host of nasties who think they own the place.  Check in to your room and remember to Sleep Tight


The Crypt – Repent your sins

Last year the sealed doors were opened for the first time in years, but they let in more than they let out.  In the past year the Nuns have returned to St Cuthberts on the Hill and are taking back their religious order.  They Nuns are refusing to leave and have grown in size, the once empty corridors now have the sounds of footsteps and the whispers of the lost children, tread carefully and do not disturb the Sisters, if you do be ready to repent your sins.


Relocated for 2019

The Spiders have become infected, and the spiders like to bite.  The humans have become infected and are beginning to mutate. Work began on a cure in an old prison block but the cure also had an impact, resulting in one safe route through the building where they are all hiding in the shadows, around, above and behind you.  To escape the Spiders and the infection you must keep to the path and move quickly, but time is limited and there are many wrong turns.  Watch out for the spiders.