PrimEvil 2019 is go go go
Tuesday 15 October 2019

Primevil 2019 has started and the nasties have come out to play!  We have opened our doors and welcomed in unsuspecting victims.  But don’t worry you haven’t missed out yet, there are still lots of nights for you to come along and meet the creatures that go bump in the night.

We have 5 terrifying haunts waiting for you, the Circus of Terror, Arachnophobia, Forest of Fear, The Crypt and Mayhem Manor Hotel all open and ready to make you cry, scream, shrug or laugh.

With LIVE music from The Foreign Locals, food from the Station Smokehouse, Bar from Redwell Brewery and Street Actors and entertainment.

Book now and come along and join the horrific Halloween Haunts

Once upon a time, ten years ago………………..
Tuesday 2 July 2019

Once upon a time, ten years ago, a strange little man called Skullmore entered Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure at Halloween and called for all monsters, fiends and demons to come and reside in the woodland for October.  The call was answered and the ghouls came to scare and stalk unsuspecting members of the public.

Ten years on and we are celebrating with Skullmore our 10th year of Fear.  PrimEvil 2019 is promising to bring you 5 terrifying mazes, Circus of terrors – relocated for 2019, Arachnophobia – Relocated for 2019, Mayhem Manor Hotel -has had redevelopment completed, The Crypt – opened since last year, Forest of Fear – Billy Boy is giving out free hugs!

In addition to our mazes, we have The Foreign Locals playing live music every night, three extreme nights, food trucks and street entertainment, and in addition another Early Bird offer 25% off All Haunt tickets launching in July.

Make sure you book your tickets early and don’t miss out on the reduced price.



Norfolk Scare Attraction – 10th year of FEAR!
Thursday 9 May 2019

I do hope that life is treating you all well, it is I Skullmore, Lord of the lost and found and friend to the fiends.  PrimEvil is 10 years old this year and to celebrate we have released and Early bird offer on VIP tickets at the reduced rate of £35.00 – its mainly because I am so nice, this offer won’t last long though.  PrimEvil 2019 is already promising to have 5 terrifying haunts, all may be familiar to our returning guests, however do not be fooled, two have been relocated, providing new twists and turns, those pesky clowns have set up a new Circus of Terrors and are already causing mischief, some of the items I have seen going in there are enough to make you wonder without adding the flesh hungry cannibal clowns rampaging on top!

Mayhem Manor has had a face lift, some of the areas that were previously under construction have now been opened and finished, they are currently decorating ready for a fresh batch of guests, to come and stay the night.  I haven’t dared to venture into the Crypt, The Forest of Fear or Arachnophobia yet………watch this space.

PrimEvil runs for 17 nights, with live music every night, Extreme is also back for three nights in November, promising some more surprises!

Until next time, remember to book your tickets now, don’t make us send in the clowns!


Love is in the air…
Thursday 31 January 2019

Hello, fellow fear seekers and horror fans, it is I Skullmore, your guide to the world of PrimEvil and host of all things evil.  Although last years fantastic fiends have all returned to the darkness, I am beginning to put together the next chapter of horrific nasty surprises for this year.  This then made me think of St Valentine and Valentines day.  Strange that a day which is based on sharing your expressions of love is celebrated on the anniversary of the day a Saint was tortured, imprisoned and murdered!  To celebrate the blood behind the love, I will be launching all of the tickets and dates for PrimEvil 2019 on February 1st around 12.00pm on here and on Social Media with a special Early Bird discount for those who want to eat, sorry I mean treat, their true love.

PrimEvil 2019 welcomes back the Extreme nights x 3 and there will of course be more surprise and treats released over the forthcoming months, so for now my children get ready to take full advantage of my special Early Bird Offer it will be limited.

Be Mine


She is getting closer
Wednesday 1 August 2018

Greetings to you all, it is I, Skullmore, your guide to the underworld of PrimEvil. Since I last reached out to you all things have been moving at quite a pace. The ruins of St Cuthberts on the Hill is slowly rising out of the ground, revealing new doors and crypts to be explored, a single candle appears each night in one of the windows lighting the way for the creatures to find their home. As I have mentioned before there is a dark spirit in the Crypt and ‘she’ seems to have her mind set on revenge, I haven’t braved in there yet myself as the evil is far too strong, but I am sure you will all enjoy going in to meet with her face to face.
For those who may not venture into the Haunts we are providing lots of entertainment for you to enjoy out on the street. The Street gang are the ones who don’t really belong anywhere, or in some cases have been banished from their previous haunt, they are friendly enough but don’t linger with them for too long as they may follow you home. We also have a band “Thy Last Drop” who will be providing toe tapping music throughout the evening, you will be most welcome to have a dance or buy some food from one of many food stands.
As for the other Haunts, they are currently waking up slowly, there is some distant laughter coming from the circus which means the clowns are beginning to wake from their sleep. A new area within the circus has been discovered so that will keep them busy for a while as they work out new ways to trap unsuspecting food that wanders in. The Spiders are taking residence in Arachnophobia, they are spinning webs and traps to make sure their Queen is served with enough food, one bite will turn you into the Undead but with a few additional limbs and eyes.
Time creeps along, like the nasties coming to play at PrimEvil, don’t delay book your tickets today as it will always be a cheaper price online than at the gate. Until next time my thrill seeking friends.

4 Months to go and the Evil is growing
Monday 2 July 2018

Skullmore never breaks his promises so here I am again to announce that it is only 4 Months to go before PrimEvil is unleashed onto the unsuspecting victims, I mean visitors, who are coming to be scared out of their skins.

Last month I promised you more information about my other Haunts waiting for you.

The Crypt – Repent your sins.  Last year the doors to the Tomb were opened for the first time in years, but they let out more than they let in.  In the past year the Nuns have returned to St Cuthbert’s on the Hill and are taking back their religious order. The once empty corridors now have the sounds of footsteps, and the whispers of the lost children and prayers, tread quietly and be ready to repent your sins.

Arachnophobia.  The infection has run through the human race and although a cure was found, the infection had an interesting effect on the spiders of the area. The Spiders have mutated and grown to an unnatural size, they also like to bite. Can you get through the infected maze and reach safety without becoming part of the twisted web?

Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight!  The Hotel has had an upgrade with some new building work taking place, this hasn’t changed the fact that the guests keep disappearing. Check in to your room and pray that you make it through the night.

My early Bird offering for you this month is 25% off the All Haunts tickets, this may be the last time I offer a discount of these tickets so make sure you grab them whilst you can.


The Power of Five!
Friday 1 June 2018

It is I Skullmore, with only 5 months to go until I open the doors of hell and welcome you all to come and meet my fiendish friends, I thought that maybe you appreciate an advance warning.  5 Haunts wait to scare you and send you home with nightmares – but don’t worry, your friend Skullmore is here to talk you through what you can expect!

The CarnEvil of Terror – Freaked out, has found some forgotten, hidden rooms and has unleashed them, including the residents who were sleeping within, the new rooms are enough to send you into a terrifying spin!

The Forrest of Fear – Fresh Meat, Pa and the hillbilly family have multiplied and the need for fresh meat is bigger than ever before.  The Forrest has been flipped on its head and what may have been familiar is now undiscovered territory.

I will share more information with you about the new tomb in the Crypt – Repent your Sins, Arachnophobia, PrimEvil Street and Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight next month.

For now enjoy the Early Bird offer and allowing the idea of my Haunts seep into your minds, but believe me when I warn you that your worst fears WILL be turning into a reality this year at PrimEvil!

Until next Month Sleep Tight


Skullmore’s Secrets!
Tuesday 1 May 2018

I see that curiosity has captured the imagination of many of you and you have started to come back to see what secrets your friend Skullmore is sharing.

This year at PrimEvil I will be allowing you to access 5 haunts across the woodland area, Forest of Fear – Fresh Meat, has been twisted on its head, Carnevil of Terrors – Freaked Out, has found an abandoned big top to play in, Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight, has been closed for redecoration, Arachnophobia – Something new to get your teeth into and finally The Crypt – Repent your sins, a completely new tomb for exploration.  I will share more information about each of these haunts over the next few months, whilst giving you to chance to get reduced tickets with our Early Bird offerings, or win some prizes with a few competitions.

You may have noticed that my old friend Pepe the Clown has been packed away into the circus, and been replaced by something more evil, more twisted and more set on revenge against the living!  My new friend who seems to have moved into the Crypt is not even within my control.  Beware darker forces are gathering, you have been warned.

If you wish to stimulate your mind and cannot wait until PrimEvil to descend upon you, why not visit bamboozled, my devilishly difficult Escape Rooms, great fun for all the family.

Until next time my friends, check the wardrobe before you turn out the light!

Who is Skullmore?!
Tuesday 24 April 2018

As the daylight hours begin to extend, my creatures and I are moving back into the shadows, hiding under beds, in wardrobes and behind doors, waiting for the colder months to come so we can make our presence known.

A few questions have been raised as to who I am? Am I responsible for the cold chill that runs down your spine or the hairs to stand on end? Am I the leader of the evil spirits that lurk around Primevil through October? Where did I come from? Why do I reappear each year? So my followers, whilst I hide in my isolation, no time would be better spent that to give you my story.

It is true that once I was a person, many years ago, so far back in fact I cannot remember when, I lived a life no more exciting than the next man, but during the illness years when plague and poverty spread across Norfolk like infected boils on the skin, I grew desperate to survive.  Grave digging was the only option I had and although the work was not pleasant it paid well, until one fateful night when I was sent to unearth the body of a Nun, burned alive for fear of witchcraft and devil worship.

I will never forget the smell or the fact her coffin was still warm from the burning body inside, something was different, something was wrong and  the second I opened the coffin something filled my soul with darkness, a blackness so consumed  with evil and hate, my human body immediately ceased to exist.

So my friends, I am neither man nor monster, I am Skullmore, a spirit, an entity that can take any form or any disguise, I am your guide to the Primevil world.  My darkness attracts beings from the underworld, evil spirits and demons, we come together each year at Primevil, when the moon is full to celebrate and scare you.  Am I friend or foe? No one will ever know for sure, but over the next few months I will be introducing you to some of my darker friends and showing you their homes that we will open for you to explore in October.  So until next time, sleep tight


1 Day to go…
Wednesday 11 October 2017

With just 24 hours until the padlocks are cut and the doors unlocked to release the ghouls and monsters into Dinosaur Adventure, I Skullmore am pondering on which outfit to wear to greet you all at Primevil 2017.

With two new attractions, The Crypt filled with demons and the darkest apparitions I could find and Infected swarming with zombies who haven’t been fed for a while where do I want to play?

I also have my friend Pepe the Clown, you may have seen him on the posters around the county, he is looking for somewhere to call home but be warned he is partial to following people so check the backseat and under the bed.


We all look forward to welcoming you to our premier Halloween event, if you haven’t got a ticket yet why not come on Thursday 12th and get a free drink? – you are going to need it!


Meet my new friend, Pepe…
Friday 8 September 2017

It is I Skullmore this week my wicked crew, welcomed witches, goblins, ghouls and werewolves and put them through their paces in hope to join me, and my team of nastiest.

After impressing us with their best screams, limb dragging and groans we selected the terrifying best to join our PrimEVIL team.

The attractions that these creatures will be calling home over dark October have been improved, changed, blood soaked and made very welcoming for all of our expected guests. The sound of manic laughter is already echoing around CarnEVIL, the chainsaw can be heard throughout the Forest of Fear and the grinding of stone tomb lids sliding open surrounds the ancient Crypt.

Skullmore has a new friend this year, Pepe the clown, a mischievous monster of few words, he will be roaming the park, not calling anywhere home as he hasn’t found his place a word of warning to the wise – don’t talk to Pepe too much or he may just follow you home.

Just a friendly warning from me to you..

Book your tickets to PrimEVIL today where Pepe and I, and a host of nasties, will be waiting to greet you.

Skullmore is back from the tomb!
Thursday 31 August 2017

Good afternoon one and all, it is I, Skullmore back from the tomb and ready to start preparations for this years PrimEVIL!

Yesterday evening I welcomed a new group of hopefuls into my lair and put them through their paces to see if they have what it takes to join my grotesque team of zombies, clowns, witches and other things that go bump in the night. 25 hopefuls crawled, climbed and gave their best blood curdling screams under the watch of some veteran spooksters and were certainly worked hard. It is not too late to join my crew if you think you have what it takes.

We have to spend time making sure that we find the most gruesome crew to go and live in the attractions across the park during Halloween, The Cyrpt, Infected, Carnevil, The Forest and Mayhem Manor have all been fed their first inhabitants, are you brave enough to come and meet them?

Book your tickets now for PrimEVIL 2017

Forever in your memories
Tuesday 1 November 2016

PrimEVIL might be over for another year, but your screams still echo in the darkest woods of Norfolk.

During the last three weeks of October we have taken terror to a new level, and although our unearthly creatures are now resting in their graves, they have not forgotten you..!

Have you got a screaming photo or just a shockingly good story from Norfolk’s Biggest Scare Experience? Don’t keep them to yourself!

Tell us your best memory from PrimEVIL by using the hashtags #screamingwonthelp and #PrimEVIL17 on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win two V.I.P tickets to next year’s event.

That is, if you dare enter Skullmore’s Sinister world again….

One (un)lucky winner will be announced on Monday 7th November.

And as Skullmore’s friends of fear said last time… Good luck!