Norfolk's Biggest Scare Experience

9th October


1st November

Norfolk's Biggest Scare Experience


Once upon a time, at Halloween, a strange little man called Skullmore entered Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade, Norfolk and called for all monsters, fiends and demons to reside in the 85-acre woodland. The call was answered and the ghouls came to scare and stalk unsuspecting members of the public at PrimEVIL, the county’s after dark scare experience.
The nasties all enjoyed the Extreme nights so much last year that EVERY NIGHT in 2020 will be extreme.
We have scare attractions, live music, street performing actors, bar, street food vendors and plenty of entertainment on what is our 11th year of fear!
Our haunts promise to entertain you with surprise rooms, obstacles, corridors and non-stop twists and turns and scares around every corner!

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Latest News

PrimEvil is go go go

15 October 2019

Primevil 2019 has started and the nasties have come out to play! We have opened our doors and welcomed in unsuspecting victims. But don’t…


2 July 2019

Once upon a time, ten years ago, a strange little man called Skullmore entered Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure at Halloween and called for all monsters,…

10th year of fear!

9 May 2019

I do hope that life is treating you all well, it is I Skullmore, Lord of the lost and found and friend to the…

Love is in the air

31 January 2019

Hello, fellow fear seekers and horror fans, it is I Skullmore, your guide to the world of PrimEvil and host of all things evil….


1 August 2018

Greetings to you all, it is I, Skullmore, your guide to the underworld of PrimEvil. Since I last reached out to you all things…


2 July 2018

Skullmore never breaks his promises so here I am again to announce that it is only 4 Months to go before PrimEvil is unleashed…

Our Haunts

The twisting, turning corridors echo with the maniacal laughter of the clowns who have been left behind when the rest of the circus left. …
PrimEVIL was amazing! Both scary and fun for everyone involved.

Abi S, Tripadvisor

Undisturbed, underground for centuries, St Cuthbert’s on the hill has stood shrouded in local legend and ghost stories.  With all local graveyards full, they…
Excellent night! Very scary and so much fun in a heart-stopping, dark kind of way

Natasha S, Tripadvisor

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