Love is in the air

Thursday 31 January 2019

Hello, fellow fear seekers and horror fans, it is I Skullmore, your guide to the world of PrimEvil and host of all things evil. Although last years fantastic fiends have all returned to the darkness, I am beginning to put together the next chapter of horrific nasty surprises for this year. This then made me think of St Valentine and Valentines day. Strange that a day which is based on sharing your expressions of love is celebrated on the anniversary of the day a Saint was tortured, imprisoned and murdered! To celebrate the blood order ambien doses online europe behind the love, I will be launching all of the tickets and dates for PrimEvil 2019 on February 1st around 12.00pm on here and on Social Media with a special Early Bird discount for those who want to eat, sorry I mean treat, their true love.

PrimEvil 2019 welcomes back the Extreme nights x 3 and there will of course be more surprise and treats released over the forthcoming months, so for now my children get ready to take full advantage of my special Early Bird Offer it will be limited.

Be Mine


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