Friday 8 September 2017

It is I Skullmore this week my wicked crew, welcomed witches, goblins, ghouls and werewolves and put them through their paces in hope to join me, and my team of nastiest.

After impressing us with their best screams, limb dragging and groans we selected the terrifying best to join our PrimEVIL team.

The attractions that these creatures will be calling home over dark October have been improved, changed, blood soaked and made very welcoming for all of our expected guests. The sound of manic laughter is already echoing around CarnEVIL, the chainsaw can be heard throughout the Forest of Fear and the grinding of stone tomb lids sliding open surrounds the ancient Crypt.

Skullmore has a new friend this year, Pepe the clown, a mischievous monster of few words, he will be roaming the park, not calling anywhere home as he hasn’t found his place a word of warning to the wise – don’t talk to Pepe too much or he may just follow you home.

Just a friendly warning from me to you..

Book your tickets to PrimEVIL today where Pepe and I, and a host of nasties, will be waiting to greet you.

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