Wednesday 1 August 2018

Greetings to you all, it is I, Skullmore, your guide to the underworld of PrimEvil. Since I last reached out to you all things have been moving at quite a pace. The ruins of St Cuthberts on the Hill is slowly rising out of the ground, revealing new doors and crypts to be explored, a single candle appears each night in one of the windows lighting the way for the creatures to find their home. As I have mentioned before there is a dark spirit in the Crypt and ‘she’ seems to have her mind set on revenge, I haven’t braved in there yet myself as the evil is far too strong, but I am sure you will all enjoy going in to meet with her face to face.

For those who may not venture into the Haunts we are providing lots of entertainment for you to enjoy out on the street. The Street gang are the ones who don’t really belong anywhere, or in some cases have been banished from their previous haunt, they are friendly enough but don’t linger with them for too long as they may follow you home. We also have a band “Thy Last Drop” who will be providing toe tapping music throughout the evening, you will be most welcome to have a dance or buy some food from one of many food stands.

As for the other Haunts, they are currently waking up slowly, there is some distant laughter coming from the circus which means the clowns are beginning to wake from their sleep. A new area within the circus has been discovered so that will keep them busy for a while as they work out new ways to trap unsuspecting food that wanders in. The Spiders are taking residence in Arachnophobia, they are spinning webs and traps to make sure their Queen is served with enough food, one bite will turn you into the Undead but with a few additional limbs and eyes.

Time creeps along, like the nasties coming to play at PrimEvil, don’t delay book your tickets today as it will always be a cheaper price online than at the gate. Until next time my thrill seeking friends.

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