Tuesday 1 May 2018

I see that curiosity has captured the imagination of many of you and you have started to come back to see what secrets your friend Skullmore is sharing.

This year at PrimEvil I will be allowing you to access 5 haunts across the woodland area, Forest of Fear – Fresh Meat, has been twisted on its head, Carnevil of Terrors – Freaked Out, has found an abandoned big top to play in, Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight, has been closed for redecoration, Arachnophobia – Something new to get your teeth into and finally The Crypt – Repent your sins, a completely new tomb for exploration. I will share more information about each of these haunts over the next few months, whilst giving you to chance to get reduced tickets with our Early Bird offerings, or win some prizes with a few competitions.

You may have noticed that my old friend Pepe the Clown has been packed away into the circus, and been replaced by something more evil, more twisted and more set on revenge against the living! My new friend who seems to have moved into the Crypt is not even within my control. Beware darker forces are gathering, you have been warned.

If you wish to stimulate your mind and cannot wait until PrimEvil to descend upon you, why not visit bamboozled, my devilishly difficult Escape Rooms, great fun for all the family.

Until next time my friends, check the wardrobe before you turn out the light!

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