The Future of Fear

“Hello” from the other side it is I, Skullmore, your guide to all things PrimEvil that go bump in the night.  Since we last spoke the nasties have crawled away and have been replaced by something far more unpleasant that seems to have shook our worlds to the core.  This casts a shadow over Halloween 2020 and what you can expect from our usual hordes of monsters and Ghouls, but don’t dismay, Skullmore has other plans up his sleeve which may take you on a different journey and path on Route 666 – A PrimEvil production.  More details and information will follow soon and in the meantime if you have purchased presale tickets for PrimEvil we will be in contact around the beginning of the month of September to make sure we can fit you into the darkness somewhere.  For now that’s all you need to know, but remember to check under the bed and in the wardobes before turning off the light, my pets do like to follow some of you home, especially the spiders!