Friday 1 June 2018

It is I Skullmore, with only 5 months to go until I open the doors of hell and welcome you all to come and meet my fiendish friends, I thought that maybe you appreciate an advance warning. 5 Haunts wait to scare you and send you home with nightmares – but don’t worry, your friend Skullmore is here to talk you through what you can expect!

The CarnEvil of Terror – Freaked out, has found some forgotten, hidden rooms and has unleashed them, including the residents who were sleeping within, the new rooms are enough to send you into a terrifying spin!

The Forrest of Fear – Fresh Meat, Pa and the hillbilly family have multiplied and the need for fresh meat is bigger than ever before. The Forrest has been flipped on its head and what may have been familiar is now undiscovered territory.

I will share more information with you about the new tomb in the Crypt – Repent your Sins, Arachnophobia, PrimEvil Street and Mayhem Manor Hotel – Sleep Tight next month.

For now enjoy the Early Bird offer and allowing the idea of my Haunts seep into your minds, but believe me when I warn you that your worst fears WILL be turning into a reality this year at PrimEvil!

Until next Month Sleep Tight

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