Tuesday 24 April 2018

As the daylight hours begin to extend, my creatures and I are moving back into the shadows, hiding under beds, in wardrobes and behind doors, waiting for the colder months to come so we can make our presence known.

A few questions have been raised as to who I am? Am I responsible for the cold chill that runs down your spine or the hairs to stand on end? Am I the leader of the evil spirits that lurk around Primevil through October? Where did I come from? Why do I reappear each year? So my followers, whilst I hide in my isolation, no time would be better spent that to give you my story.

It is true that once I was a person, many years ago, so far back in fact I cannot remember when, I lived a life no more exciting than the next man, but during the illness years when plague and poverty spread across Norfolk like infected boils on the skin, I grew desperate to survive. Grave digging was the only option I had and although the work was not pleasant it paid well, until one fateful night when I was sent to unearth the body of a Nun, burned alive for fear of witchcraft and devil worship.

I will never forget the smell or the fact her coffin was still warm from the burning body inside, something was different, something was wrong and the second I opened the coffin something filled my soul with darkness, a blackness so consumed with evil and hate, my human body immediately ceased to exist.

So my friends, I am neither man nor monster, I am Skullmore, a spirit, an entity that can take any form or any disguise, I am your guide to the Primevil world. My darkness attracts beings from the underworld, evil spirits and demons, we come together each year at Primevil, when the moon is full to celebrate and scare you. Am I friend or foe? No one will ever know for sure, but over the next few months I will be introducing you to some of my darker friends and showing you their homes that we will open for you to explore in October. So until next time, sleep tight

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